Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Zombieland video without kinetic text

Here is the video that i have edited that i will put the kinetic typorgraphy on top. I am pleased with the final cut as i think it keeps the humourous themes of the movie. The music choice is a song by the avalanches and its called since i left you. Which is quite fitting as the film is about people who die and come back as zombies. The band itself create songs by sampling films and other songs and mixing them together, so it is perfect to go on top of my edit. i think the typography that i will use will be a sans serif one as it keeps the cleaness of the typography used in the film. The film has alot of interactive graphics and typography within it, whese words that come up on screen are in a san serif font and very clean cut looking. I will use a typeface called Oldsansblack. In the invaasion remix video i liked using the "b-movie" typefaces that are classicly old school american film. So i will incorperate this idea into the knietic typography and use a typeface called Meltdown MF which looks great on words that will be highlighted for emphasis. Hopefully this film will show how i have developed as a user and designer in After Effects.

Final Knietic zombieland remix

Here is the Zombieland remix with the kinetic typography on top of it.  I like this video, i felt more confident putting it together and you can see the more animations of the typography tat i have down.  I will definately continue producing work like this and exploring the combatibility of graphic design on top of moving images.  If i was to do this exact idea again i would try and problem solve the problem of the fast text at the beginning, i do not think this affects the viewing on this video because you know the text is there. But to be popular with wider audiences i would definately try and solve the trouble with the fast text.  I am pleased with the feeling of zooming past the text that appears as that was particular hard to create that effect.  I feel like i have learnt lots doing this particular video, especialy with getting high definition videos from the internet with a website called keep tube, where you can select the quality of the video you download.  From coming from somewhere where i found it extremely difficult to produce the dustin hoffman video to here i think i have extremly well.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

99 designs.com

This easter i came across a website called 99designs.com which is an outsource company that pays people to design work for their clients. This was a breif for an extreme sports company that wanted a design like element, another extreme sports clothing company. i Drew this in illustrator and used only circles and squares because of the name of the company. i lloked at element's clothing line on their website and got inspiration from there. i liked the design and thought it was effective using the raw natural shapes in it. This is another example of my new found skills in illustrator aswell. Unfortunately though after i posted the design onto the website i saw later on that the brief had been retracted for whatever reason and the post closed. Although this was annoying i still fell that this was good practise for working to deadlines and creating work of your own. The images that i have attached are the ones that i posted onto the website. i like the draw of the purple circle in the middle.

SOURCE Radio tee design

SOURCE radio, the student run radio station for the unviersity sent out a brief requesting for a design to be put on tshirts and hoodies to increase listening rates as they felt not alot of people knew about them. i did a couple of designs for this but i liked this one the most and thought that it would look great on a white tshirt. I had just got this new font that looks like dymo label tape and wanted to use it. The illustration of the gorilla was done on my graphics tablet. i used the idea from the recruitment posters of the classic "your country needs you" with the man pointed out and wearing the hat. I felt that a character was needed to make it look catching and the coventry phoenix i thought would be a weird choice. I think that the "weared" looks good and gives it a feel of authenticity. i am pleased with the final outcome. I have not yet heard back form the radio station but it was a good exercise again as it was industry rules of using your own images, working to a deadline and creating your own work.

Fashion Show One Day Project

I completely forgot to put this up on here! We did a one day project for a group called Twisted Fashion and they talked through a brief with us and said that they wanted a strong use of orange. We had to be careful not to use any copyrighted images as it was going to be printed and put around coventry. You can see the progress of the poster throughout the day on the images that i have uploaded, the orange photo in the bottom was when we were experimenting with colours. We used a photograph of a cardigan for the natural feel for the poster and get across the fashion show was for fairtrade which in itself is about a natural, organic world.

We won out of all of the groups on our course as they said they liked the figure of the lady and it was what they were looking for in the poster. The figure was an adaptation of the fairtrade logo, we extended the body and made it into a women. I felt that the whole day was really good practise for the industry and would love to do more stuff like this in the future. It was funny seeing our posters around coventry and the art and design building. They changed our design a bit and added a white transition from the bottom to the top which adds a uplifting feeling to it. They added and designed the back of the flyer and added in the sponsoors at the bottom.

Steam boat willie Tee

Here is a tshirt that i created using some spray paint and a stencil.. After seeing lots of micky mouse tshirts and jumpers i wanted to put a spin on it.

I felt abit sheepish doing it and putting the bad spin on it because of the endless post modernistic spins that has been put on miciky mouse. When i was doing sketches for it i was drawn towards the steamboat willie character as i liked the eyes and the quirkiness fo the character. I like seeing the progress of a project from start to end in pictures as it makes you realise the work that you had put in. i am pleased with the outcome of the tshirt and the colour choice of the tee seems to work really well with the imagery of steamboat willie. in the images that i have attched you can see the stenci, the final tee, sketches and a drawing in illustrator that i decided not to use. With the illustrator drawing i think that you can see the progress i have made in the program since i drew the rubber duck in the mac workshop a couple of months ago.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


This completely slipped my mind! Here i have made a animation sequenced paired with music from the film scott pilgrim vs the world from my previous post on marshall mclarens work.  I have also used the 50 photos that i took of myself to see how many expressions that i could pull differently.  i think this works well, i used stock footage of old film sctraches and markings and then layered them on top of the image sequence of my 50 faces.  I am pleased with how this has turned out, it has the feeling that i wanted to achieve, and the timings that i worked on wiht the images has worked really well.  I am particurlary pleased with the countdown timings bar that i have added in the bottom right hand corner of the video.  I am getting more confident now using after effects and feel i am getting somewhere with it.
Here is the first part of the video i have remixed, this is before the kinetic typography has been added, i am pleased with the result of the piece so far.  towards the end of putting this video together, i got more adventourous with the remixing and started to loop the footage a bit more.  I think for my next video which i hope will improve on this one i will do this looping more.  For the kinetic typography that i will add in, i will use a similar typeface to the one used in the title sequence in the film. I will also try to age the typeface as well so it blends in well to the footage.  I like breathing new life in to old films like this, i think a challange would be to do this with a much more modern film and see if it looks as good.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Everything is a remix

Everthing is a remix part 1
everything is a remix part 2

This is an interesting trilogy of videos by a guy called kirby ferguson.  I found this on vimeo when i was researching remixing videos, which is something i want to get into using after effects.  My plan is to remix old films like the postmna always rings twice or casablanca, the really old black and white films and playing with them, creating a two minute snipet of the film that plays with the actions the actors are saying.  Or how they sound.  This doesnt make sense but later today i am going to try and priduce a draft version of this, to show it clearly.  If this goes well i want to include kinetic typography to this aswell.

Everything is a remix


Friday, 18 March 2011

Duck that was a vector from workshop

Here is a duck vector illustration i did in one of petes workshops. I am pleased with it but it took a long time to achieve this illustration, since then i have gone away n practised drawing in lustrator. I can now draw faster n cleaner images. I was set aback hy how hard it was to draw such a simple drawing in the workshop, that i went away and set a target to learn how to draw quickly and to draw professional looking images in illustrator.

Friday, 11 March 2011


This is an image from a workshop we did with pete on creating a image from scratch in photoshop. Compared to the illustrator workshop, i found this workshop a hundred times easier. The only new thing that i learnt was going to the render option and adding lighting into an image. Even though i feel happy using photoshop, i now that there is still loads to learn and not to stop learning stuff about it just because i feel comfatable using it.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Spine team pages

train diagrams detailed

Above is a link to a really good website that has very detailed diagrams of electric locomotive trains, this i could use for content on my pages or use in artwork for the webpages.  i will play around with both.  I am not sure though how i could connect this with the nervous system.  I could maybe have a diagram of the nervous system layered on top? or have the two different diagrams and show the differences.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

drafts of designs for my individual pages

Here are some drafts of some designs for the website.  These will be used on my three pages for the human body website, where i will write about trains energy needs and how the nervous system is similar to trains travelling all around the world. i prefer the image on the top, this is because the tube map layered on the image looks like nervers or veins underneath the skin. I think this will look good with the design that we have set out for our pages.

simpler explanation


kids nervous system,

a bit deeper explanation

simple simple version (nervous system)

some good videos we said as a group that when we write information for our website project on the spine would be written aimed to kids. This is so it is readable for alot of people, and not to over complicate the subject. We want to find a line when we write our information to not to over complicate tye subjext but not to undermine the audience by writing too "dum". Here are a group of links to various sites explaining the subject of tye spine

A video of how trains work

video how trains work

How trains work

how trains work

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

public servie announcements THE SPINE TEAM

good sportsmanship  Really old style, i dont know if we want to go this old but still good

atomic bomb still old

cartoon style

atomic fallout

excalator safety 1970s films

rabies 1970s film

homosexuals  american old again

another one from 60s


food consumption

These are links to videos of public service announcements, for our 30 sec welcome video for the Spine teams website we said that we would create the video in the style of a public service announcment video these were popular to advertise knowledge about nuclear fallout in the u.s.a and in the uk over public health issues. I think these videos i have put links to in this post are good examples of these and now easy to access for future reference.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


 I finally got scott pilgrim on dvd and watched it last night, it was awesome.  It so good becasue of the interactive graphics in that that react to what the actors are doing.  The whole film is directed like a arcade game, with epic fights and battles which end in the loser turing into coins and scott pilgrim getting points and life ups.

The title sequence is amazing and one of my favourites ive seen in a while, these include stranger than fiction and catch me if you can. Below is the inspiration for the title sequence by norman mclaren who drew on a role of film and made it into an animation.

MACLARENS WORK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svD0CWVjYRY

This is the actual film title sequence, notice the similarity to the mclaren video and the graphics that look like they react to the sound of the instruments.


Below is a link to someones version of the title sequence which is the best one i have seen out of all of the attempts, the film has been adapted from a graphic novel, which is why it involves a comic strip
someones own version of title sequence

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

interesting video SUBISM

SUBISM The bit that really stood out for me was the bit where the creator of subism was explaining why he created it. this was because his thinking of how all of the street artists work would be viewed in the future really made me think. Its like the famous case of the artists work only becoming famous and expensive when they die. The curse of the artist not being able to enjoy the bounty of his work. Of course an era is only names towards the end of the era, after names being thrown about and then one being settled on just through the normality of one word being thrown around. Is it best to not think about what you are producing when you are working OR rather to think about how your work will be seen in the future?

Saturday, 22 January 2011


NOTHING MORE SAID. Here is a link to a kinetic typography group on a video site called vimeo. I think looking at other peoples kinetic videos, will inspire me to create more interesting work. Most of these videos have been created in after effects, so theres nothing that cannot be reproduced if i wanted to do it. It also gives u a judge of what other people are doing in the industry, seeing another persons work can make u more reflective on your own work.

Here is my finished kinetic typography for the sky atlantic advert.

Here is my video for the advert for dustin hoffman for the new sky atlantic advert.  I had the tv on in the background and heard this advert.  I didnt want to miss suck an oppertunity to use such a good actors strong voice so i decided to maek this.  This took me an outrageous amount of time, so long that i thought that i was going to have to give up on it, because using after effects is sooo damn hard.  But i have come away with the feeling that i am going to do future project using after effects and i will get better.  I felt bad when i was using it, just because it was such a foreign program to me, to solve this i need to go away watch video tutorials of people using after effects and learn to work quicker and more creatively.

first five minutes of the postman always rings twice


The Postman always rings twice

Started research on the book cover project and found an intro to the old version of the book film adaption, and then stumbled across someone who had updated the titles of the film updated titles. I have also attached the trailer of the film here above.  i think looking at these old clips and watching the film will hopefully start the idea process. 

I have also found this website which is the website for the russian bestsellers in catagories, which will be helpful to look at to get the style of russian contemporary design.


Tuesday, 18 January 2011


After learning the basics of after effects i went back on it the other day to  continue my ongoing animation but nothing was animating.  This left me confused and annoyed.  But after many hours of clicking and researching i found out that i had simply not clicked a button that needed clicking to animate the camera about the Null object.  I over came a problem by research and patience on the matter.  At least now i know how to solve the problem if it occurs again.

after effects tutorials

AFTER EFFECTS TURORIALS The best site ever for after effects tutorials.  I have started to create an  kninetic typography piece using the soundtrack from the new advert for SKY atlantic.  This may seem like a strange choice but the monlogue dustin hoffman does offer the music by cinematic orchestra to make a home i find really inspiring. 

Thursday, 13 January 2011

stop motion tshirt war

I like the inventiveness of this piece of stop motion. It has a charm about it aswell, witht he sound effects from the mouth and the playfulness.  I would like to create something like this

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fibre optics for website

here are some links for the internet body project, i want to compare the spine and the central nervous system, to fibre optics n how they run underground much like the nerves in the body.







Every one has a phone now with internet on it, which is if yo think about it it likes the millions of synapses throughout your boday.  If you imagine there was a beam of light upwards in the sky from every device which had internet on it and could communicate through that, zooming out, you would see  millions of lights.  Clouds of dots that all add up to the workings of the internet.

Kinetic typography

I have done some research on the best software to create kinetic typography and animations like the one in my last post and i have found that it is Adobe After Effects.  This is the software that is used to create such innovative animation that i have been posting.  I have brought the software and have found a tutorial on how to use it.


Friday, 7 January 2011

Another animation using images, music and typography to get a point across whilst drawing you in

I like the style of this, as it involves kinetic typography the use of music that draws you in and images to get the point across.  At the end of the film it ends out to be an advert for an artile in the new national geographic magazine.  A clever piece of marketing  and a lovely piece of media that affectively draws one in.

I will research what software they used to create this and will find a topic to do a similar thing.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

One if my stop motion animation

So i finally got round to shooting and editing a animation.  I did it along with the song "last leaf" by OKGO.  I wanted to create something that had style and thought behind it.  I am pleased with the outcome as i think it does the song justice.  The only bit that i think could be improved is that i could of shot it with the camera on a tripod as that would have made the animation smoother.  Although i think the jolty quality if the animation adds to it.

If i shot it again i would find something more interesting of make the sequence more detailed where theres a guitar solo. As i feel the leaf falling gets a bit repetitive.