Saturday, 30 April 2011


This easter i came across a website called which is an outsource company that pays people to design work for their clients. This was a breif for an extreme sports company that wanted a design like element, another extreme sports clothing company. i Drew this in illustrator and used only circles and squares because of the name of the company. i lloked at element's clothing line on their website and got inspiration from there. i liked the design and thought it was effective using the raw natural shapes in it. This is another example of my new found skills in illustrator aswell. Unfortunately though after i posted the design onto the website i saw later on that the brief had been retracted for whatever reason and the post closed. Although this was annoying i still fell that this was good practise for working to deadlines and creating work of your own. The images that i have attached are the ones that i posted onto the website. i like the draw of the purple circle in the middle.

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