Saturday, 30 April 2011

Fashion Show One Day Project

I completely forgot to put this up on here! We did a one day project for a group called Twisted Fashion and they talked through a brief with us and said that they wanted a strong use of orange. We had to be careful not to use any copyrighted images as it was going to be printed and put around coventry. You can see the progress of the poster throughout the day on the images that i have uploaded, the orange photo in the bottom was when we were experimenting with colours. We used a photograph of a cardigan for the natural feel for the poster and get across the fashion show was for fairtrade which in itself is about a natural, organic world.

We won out of all of the groups on our course as they said they liked the figure of the lady and it was what they were looking for in the poster. The figure was an adaptation of the fairtrade logo, we extended the body and made it into a women. I felt that the whole day was really good practise for the industry and would love to do more stuff like this in the future. It was funny seeing our posters around coventry and the art and design building. They changed our design a bit and added a white transition from the bottom to the top which adds a uplifting feeling to it. They added and designed the back of the flyer and added in the sponsoors at the bottom.

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