Saturday, 30 April 2011

SOURCE Radio tee design

SOURCE radio, the student run radio station for the unviersity sent out a brief requesting for a design to be put on tshirts and hoodies to increase listening rates as they felt not alot of people knew about them. i did a couple of designs for this but i liked this one the most and thought that it would look great on a white tshirt. I had just got this new font that looks like dymo label tape and wanted to use it. The illustration of the gorilla was done on my graphics tablet. i used the idea from the recruitment posters of the classic "your country needs you" with the man pointed out and wearing the hat. I felt that a character was needed to make it look catching and the coventry phoenix i thought would be a weird choice. I think that the "weared" looks good and gives it a feel of authenticity. i am pleased with the final outcome. I have not yet heard back form the radio station but it was a good exercise again as it was industry rules of using your own images, working to a deadline and creating your own work.

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