Saturday, 30 April 2011

Steam boat willie Tee

Here is a tshirt that i created using some spray paint and a stencil.. After seeing lots of micky mouse tshirts and jumpers i wanted to put a spin on it.

I felt abit sheepish doing it and putting the bad spin on it because of the endless post modernistic spins that has been put on miciky mouse. When i was doing sketches for it i was drawn towards the steamboat willie character as i liked the eyes and the quirkiness fo the character. I like seeing the progress of a project from start to end in pictures as it makes you realise the work that you had put in. i am pleased with the outcome of the tshirt and the colour choice of the tee seems to work really well with the imagery of steamboat willie. in the images that i have attched you can see the stenci, the final tee, sketches and a drawing in illustrator that i decided not to use. With the illustrator drawing i think that you can see the progress i have made in the program since i drew the rubber duck in the mac workshop a couple of months ago.

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