Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Final Knietic zombieland remix

Here is the Zombieland remix with the kinetic typography on top of it.  I like this video, i felt more confident putting it together and you can see the more animations of the typography tat i have down.  I will definately continue producing work like this and exploring the combatibility of graphic design on top of moving images.  If i was to do this exact idea again i would try and problem solve the problem of the fast text at the beginning, i do not think this affects the viewing on this video because you know the text is there. But to be popular with wider audiences i would definately try and solve the trouble with the fast text.  I am pleased with the feeling of zooming past the text that appears as that was particular hard to create that effect.  I feel like i have learnt lots doing this particular video, especialy with getting high definition videos from the internet with a website called keep tube, where you can select the quality of the video you download.  From coming from somewhere where i found it extremely difficult to produce the dustin hoffman video to here i think i have extremly well.

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