Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Zombieland video without kinetic text

Here is the video that i have edited that i will put the kinetic typorgraphy on top. I am pleased with the final cut as i think it keeps the humourous themes of the movie. The music choice is a song by the avalanches and its called since i left you. Which is quite fitting as the film is about people who die and come back as zombies. The band itself create songs by sampling films and other songs and mixing them together, so it is perfect to go on top of my edit. i think the typography that i will use will be a sans serif one as it keeps the cleaness of the typography used in the film. The film has alot of interactive graphics and typography within it, whese words that come up on screen are in a san serif font and very clean cut looking. I will use a typeface called Oldsansblack. In the invaasion remix video i liked using the "b-movie" typefaces that are classicly old school american film. So i will incorperate this idea into the knietic typography and use a typeface called Meltdown MF which looks great on words that will be highlighted for emphasis. Hopefully this film will show how i have developed as a user and designer in After Effects.

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